What motivated the creation of HCTC? I saw that there were a lot of good coaches out there who were failing as a Head Coach, not just because of on-the-court results. They weren’t successful in, for example, managing and delegating to staff, relationship building with their administration, or strategic scheduling. There were numerous clinics that focused on the on-the-court aspects of coaching, but those who have been a Head Coach understand that so much more goes into the position. HCTC was started to help coaches better understand and be more prepared for those additional off-the-court responsibilities, as well as to go through the search and interview process. In doing so, I wanted a well-rounded experience for coaches to learn from not just head coaches, but from athletic administrators and search firms as well. 

What makes HCTC different? HCTC focuses exclusively on off-the-court development for coaches, as well provides an invaluable networking opportunity between coaches, athletic administrators, and search firms. 

Is HCTC just for assistant coaches? Absolutely not. We have had numerous head coaches from all collegiate levels attend HCTC to learn strategies to not just obtain a new Head Coach position, but also how to be the most successful in their current role as a Head Coach. 

If my Assistant Coach is not ready to become a Head Coach, why should they come to HCTC? If their end goal is to become a Head Coach, it is never too early to learn and implement successful strategies. Hearing exactly what you go through as a Head Coach will help them relate better to your in your role, while learning necessary responsibilities will make your job easier by allowing you to delegate more easily to them and allow them to take more ownership of those responsibilities.  

Do you limit the number of registrants? Yes. Registration is limited to 90 registrants. One of the aspects that makes HCTC special is the intimate learning and networking environment. We want attendees to be comfortable in asking questions to and taking advantage of networking opportunities with our incredible speakers. It is a lot easier to do so when they are one of 90 instead of one of several hundred. 

When will registration open? The opportunity to register will be available towards the end of November. 

Do you offer registration discounts if I would like to send three or more of my staff members? Yes. Please email admin@headcoachtc.com for more information. 

Do you offer scholarships? The BDS Agency offers scholarship opportunities for those currently enrolled in bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. You can find more info HERE

Why isn’t HCTC available for purchase to view online? If you’ve already been to HCTC, you know that our speakers are very open and tell intimate stories. We want to ensure that all speakers feel comfortable and confident when sharing information and stories with attendees and do not feel they need to watch what they say because it is or will be available for viewing elsewhere. 

What should I do if I am interested in sharing a room at the host hotel with another attendee? If you’d like to be put on an email list with other HCTC attendees looking to share a hotel room, please email admin@headcoachtc.com. We will email you each time a new name is added to the email list. 

I am interested in speaking at a future HCTC, who should I contact? Feel free to email admin@headcoachtc.com

I am interested in becoming a sponsor for a future HCTC, who should I contact? Feel free to email admin@headcoachtc.com