“If you want REAL answers to what it takes to become a Head Coach, the HCTC18 is the place for you. I left HCTC18 with so much knowledge. I learned a lot about myself and where I truly am at this point in my coaching career.”

Erin Batth
Assistant Coach at Liberty University

“Where was this 20 years ago when I was starting out in the profession?!? The HCTC would have saved me so many sleepless nights, losses and mistakes made as a first time head coach. Brian did a great job of providing speakers with insights on various topics that all coaches NEED. This is a must-attend event for anyone wanting, not only to be a head coach, but a better coach in general.”

Jamy Bechler
Leadership Coach & Motivational Speaker at the John Maxwell Team

“HCTC was nothing short of amazing. The amount of knowledge shared from the various speakers was not only very eye-opening but encouraging. I am already looking forward to next year and learning more!”

Jesyka Burks-Wiley
Assistant Coach at Boston College

“The HCTC event was so informative, refreshing and fun! Any coach, at any level, that wants to learn and grow needs to attend Brian Stanchak’s events like this one. I have a new list of ideas that I’m bringing back to use in my program that I got from the HCTC. I can’t wait to go back again next year. It was outstanding!”

David Caputo
Head Coach at Bloomfield College

“The HCTC21 event was everything I hoped for and more. Between the speakers, the interactions with attendees, and the gems that were shared, I walked away with exactly the information I was hoping for. Even with the program being moved to a virtual setting, it did not miss a beat, the presenters were transparent and so knowledgeable. The Whova app was user friendly and allowed for seamless communication and interaction to continue even after the sessions. Many thanks to Brian, the HCTC21 staff, and presenters for the great event.”

Priscilla Edwards
Associate Head Coach at Providence College

“Every year HCTC gets better. It provides (an opportunity for) coaches from every level that are going through the exact same problems. Coaches that are willing to sit and just talk about their experiences candidly. A conference I will be going to every year.”

Lindsey Fearing
Head Coach at Central Wyoming College

“It was my first time attending HCTC and it was truly a great experience! Between having the ability to network with coworkers and administrators, as well as listen to speakers that covered topics that relate directly to myself and our program, it was beyond helpful. I am happy to have taken plenty of information away from the conference, and look forward to applying it. Thanks again, Brian, for putting on a great training session!”

Nikki Flores
Assistant Coach at American University

“HCTC brought an inside look at the steps needed to make sure I will be ready to someday be a Head Coach. The panels, speakers, and real conversations allowed me the confidence to feel ‘up to speed’ as I prepare for the future.”

Ryan Gensler
Assistant Coach at the University of Dayton

“HCTC is the most valuable event I attend each and every year. The knowledge gained from the speakers has provided me new ideas and a sense of security as a new Head Coach. To see and learn from coaches that have gone through the same situations, and what they have done is more valuable than any X’s and O’s talk that I could ever attend. This is a must attend!”

Taylor Harris
Assistant Coach at Fort Lewis College

“This experience is a valuable piece of career development that cannot be replaced. The training is centered on compassionate individuals who take learning and development to the next level. I appreciate Brian Stanchak and the time he put in to deliver a successful event. It was a privilege to attend and I cannot wait to see what 2018 has to offer!”

Addie Lees
Assistant Coach at Texas State University

“It was a truly a privilege to attend this year’s HCTC16 conference. The overall quality and agenda were perfect. I received a tremendous amount of insight from head coaches at all levels. The honesty and experiences that were shared by all was remarkable!!!!”

Kevin McManaman
Division I Assistant Coach

“The HCTC17 went above and beyond to cover all topics that coaches deal with outside the x’s and o’s. The selection of people who spoke on the various panels were fantastic. I was very pleased to hear the stories of some of coaches who are considered the best in our business and how they became who they are today. I think it is a great investment for all coaches at any level. I feel that I walked out of HCTC17 better prepared for whatever the future may hold for me in this career.”

Ryenn Micaletti
Assistant Coach at Navy

“Brian, wanted you to know that this weekend was 1st class. I have been to six Final Fours, and I gained more knowledge this weekend than all six Final Fours combined.”

Marc Mitchell
Head Coach at Fairleigh Dickinson University-Florham

“If you want to better measure your readiness for being a Head Coach, you should invest your time, money, and participate in HCTC. Personally, I love how speakers share their unique stories and give invaluable insights on variety of topics about the business. Huge thanks to Brian, who keeps his high standards by orchestrating this tremendous professional development opportunity filled with quality guest speakers and participants.”

Ela Mukosiej
Assistant Coach at the University of Texas-San Antonio

“HCTC17 was an amazing experience and I honestly don’t think there is another professional development opportunity like it. There are several conferences about how to be a great Assistant Coach, but this one focused on how to help yourself prepare for being a Head Coach and all that comes with it-the good and the bad! The information we heard from the Athletic Directors and administrators in terms of the interview process was invaluable. Not to mention, the chance to network with administrators and coaches within the business was great. I would recommend it to anyone within this business at any level!”

Andrea Mulcahy
Assistant Coach at St. Bonaventure University

“Attending HCTC is valuable on so many levels, as it provides an intimate setting in which all attendees have the opportunity to network and learn from some of the best in our profession. Brian Stanchak does a tremendous job bringing in coaches and administrators of all levels who truly have a passion for what they do. I find myself recharged and re-inspired each year, and I’m already looking forward to next year.”

Sahar Nusseibeh
Assistant Coach at Manhattan College

“I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to speak and help share my path and hopefully help others. Listening and learning from other coaches, administrators, and speakers is always important. I love to get better and hear other’s stories, but let’s face it, coaching has its trials and tribulations. I came back rejuvenated and ready to continue to grow as a Head Coach and better my program. It was fantastic seeing old friends and making new friendships. The HCTC18 was such a great conference that I highly recommend for all levels.”

Bethann Ord
Head Coach at Weber State University

“I really enjoyed the HCTC! It kept my attention and was very refreshing to get new and thought provoking information. I would definitely suggest HCTC to anyone in the coaching profession. It helped me get a clearer, more focus outlook on what I need to do prepare myself for future opportunities.”

Shalon Pillow
Assistant Coach at Middle Tennessee State University

“I felt the HCTC19 was exactly the type of conference I needed for my professional development as a young assistant.  The information learned, insight provided and networking opportunities in a great location were priceless. This truly was an amazing experience for me. I am an avid supporter of HCTC and will definitely be attending future conferences.”

Eryc Pittman
Assistant Coach at Jacksonville State University

“I 100% recommend attending Brian Stanchak’s Head Coach Training Center to anyone with an interest in becoming a Head Coach. He strategically lined up speakers that talked through many different aspects of the job, which helped me think through things I hadn’t before. His Panel was knowledgable, vulnerable, professional, and I learned a ton!”

Joanna Reitz
Assistant Coach at the University of Utah

“Overall, I would rate my experience an 11 out of 10 on a scale of 10. This was a first-class event that I would definitely attend again in the future. I would also recommend any other coach in the profession to attend this event if they are looking for a solid professional development opportunity. Each speaker was full of knowledge, unique, transparent and full of useful information, and I can’t wait to attend HCTC17!”

Grahm Smith
Head Coach at Dean College

“HCTC is the premier development experience for coaches of any level looking to further their professional growth. The insights, engagement and connections at HCTC are always exceptional and inspire new heights for career, coaching and networking!”

Chris Straker
Assistant Coach at Georgia Southern University

“The Head Coach Training Center is one of the best events in the country for a coach to develop themselves off the court. So much of what we do is handling the big picture of our programs, not just the basketball piece. I know that the HCTC has had a profound impact on my career and I look forward to attending in future years!”

Ben Thompson
Head MBB Coach at SUNY-Canton

“I was so impressed with the amount of knowledge and insight that was provided in a two-day clinic. The speakers were very transparent and giving in their topics that lead to great thinking and development of all aspects of coaching. Very impressive clinic and more impressive leader. Brian Stanchak is in a class by himself!”

Kelly Wells
Head MBB Coach at the University of Pikeville