May 8-10, 2019 * Caribe Royale Resort (Orlando, FL)

Facts Tell but Stories Sell: Brian Stanchak

A story is a fact Wrapped in an emotion That compels us to take action That transforms us in some way -Richard Maxwell and executive coach Robert Dickman When you tell a story, whether when [...]

The Significance of Staff for Success: Missy Tiber

After 12 seasons as a Head Coach at the Division I and II levels, Missy Tiber used this experience in 2013 to embark on the challenge of leading the University of North Alabama's transition [...]

Cultivating Culture Never Goes Away: Kim Rosamond

Kim Rosamond was extremely happy as an Assistant Coach, but after spending 19 seasons in the SEC as a player and coach, she was ready to take over a Division I program of her [...]

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