Earlier this morning, David Caputo was officially named the new Head Women’s Basketball Coach at Delaware State University. In a special feature, David shared with HCTC fresh information and insight from the search process and his journey to Division I Head Coach.

Congratulations on being named the new Head Women’s Basketball Coach at Delaware State University. Can you take us through your search process?

It was a very long and unique process to say the least, but once Dr. Gines was hired, everyone and everything was very organized and professional. The communication with all parties involved was excellent. I think the most important thing was that President Mishoe, Dr. Gines and myself had the same high expectations and goals for the program moving forward. I felt like our core values aligned and they knew I had a deep connection, love and passion for the University.

What were your emotions like when you received the call that you were being offered an opportunity to become a Division I Head Coach?

I was overwhelmed with pure joy and emotion. It has been my dream since I was 14 years old to have an opportunity to be the Head Coach and leader at an NCAA Division I program. It’s even more rewarding when you hear a lot of “no’s” in your career and you become the underdog in this extremely competitive profession. There are only 300 plus of these Division I head jobs in the entire country, and these opportunities are beyond coveted. So, I’ve taken alot of “no’s” going for D1 head jobs the past seven years and that can be demoralizing at times, but I knew my “yes” was coming one day if I just kept my head down, worked as hard as possible, helped out others and remained faithful.

How did your previous Head Coach experience at the DII level prepare you for this opportunity?

My head coaching jobs at both Indian River (DI JUCO) and Bloomfield College both definitely helped me in so many ways. We didn’t have the resources, manpower, scholarship package and some other things that a lot of the other programs even in our own conference had. That forced me to really roll my sleeves up and try to get really creative in alot of different areas to make up for what I didn’t have. I loved every second of that, as it forced me to be a jack of all trades.

It was also so rewarding that with both programs we made history, won championships, advanced to the NCAA Tournament, and became a nationally ranked Top 25 program when nobody thought it was possible. It was all about getting the right people with me and having an unmatched work ethic. It just made me so appreciative of knowing how important having great people with you is and realizing material things are overrated.

While the interview process is still fresh in your mind, what advice do you have for aspiring Division I head coaches for when they go through the process?

There is not one right way to do it. I think it all depends on the university, who is leading the search, and if you fit the profile they may or may not be looking for.

I would definitely say make sure you do a ton of research on the university, department and program first. Also, really try to see if you can find a great connection with someone that knows you and one of the top administrators involved in the search at that university.
It is also very important to be extremely passionate about the position. Provide really have great examples of why you want to be the next coach there and what makes you the right fit. Have some great visual videos, materials, profile and information that shows substance in what your telling them that you will and can do for the program and university.

Most importantly, never give up on your dreams and be relentless in the pursuit of them. Good luck to you all and God bless you!