A story is a fact

Wrapped in an emotion

That compels us to take action

That transforms us in some way

-Richard Maxwell and executive coach Robert Dickman

When you tell a story, whether when recruiting, networking, or interviewing for another coaching position, you are able to allow the other person you are communicating with to not just learn you or your point of view, but “why” based on a tangible example you provide. This tangible example also keeps the other parties interest longer and will make it much easier for them to remember you.

I use this strategy when discussing with clients the importance of being engaging during an interview process. You will be asked numerous questions regarding your basketball to academics to staff philosophies. If you tell an athletic administrator or coach what you want to do, they will have to work visualize your vision and have to assume you will implement your strategy effectively. When you tell an athletic administrator or coach what you want to do by also providing tangible examples from your past, they won’t have to work as hard to visualize your vision and their belief in your ability to implement your strategy effectively is increased immensely. Their confidence in you as a candidate is enhanced because you have “already done it”.

Storytelling during an interview is also very important due to a majority of those you are interviewing with may not know about your specific sport or really care if it does not relate directly to them or their department. It’s critical to establish a connection and confidence in others, whether they work in a senior leadership, academic, staff, or athletic position. Storytelling will keep these interviewers more engaged and you will stand out much more with them due to maintaining their interest longer.

Whether you are recruiting, networking, or interviewing, storytelling leaves a mark. It allows others to gain a connection, an emotional attachment to you, which is a huge part of the relationship building process and in having other’s remember you.