What makes HCTC different? 


HCTC focuses exclusively on off-the-court development for coaches, as well provides an invaluable networking opportunity between coaches, athletic administrators, and search firms. 

What makes HCTC different? 2021-10-01T09:31:00-04:00

Is HCTC just for assistant coaches?


Absolutely not. We have had numerous head coaches from all collegiate levels attend HCTC to learn strategies to not just obtain a new Head Coach position, but also how [...]

Is HCTC just for assistant coaches?2021-10-01T09:31:30-04:00

Do you limit the number of registrants?


Yes. Registration is limited to 90 registrants. One of the aspects that makes HCTC special is the intimate learning and networking environment. We want attendees to be comfortable in [...]

Do you limit the number of registrants?2021-10-01T09:32:16-04:00